Strength Systems

Scott MacDiarmid


BAMN BAMN Strength Systems arose from a perceived need in the marketplace, following years of observation and participation, by myself and my contemporaries.

My name is Scott MacDiarmid. I have been lifting for over thirty years, pursuing various goals such as bodybuilding, grip strength, strongman events, competitive arm wrestling and powerlifting. Over my career, I have accumulated over 40 national records and no less than 6 world records, in both "pro" and "amateur" divisions, with more coming for the bench press. I have enjoyed success in multiple federations, in raw, single-ply and multi-ply, over 4 different weight classes.

I have tried most of the programs out there and met the men behind them. I have made every mistake that can be made and paid the price in injuries and setbacks. My three decades' experience has led me to a point where I know I can assist you to attain your goals.

My philosophy is that good work ethic and proper form will get most of you to your goals, but having a coach to help identify your shortcomings is often the missing factor. It is difficult for most of us to believe in ourselves enough to blast through mental or physical sticking points.

Programming IS important. An efficient program needs to be customized to your specific strengths and weaknesses. This requires an in-depth initial analysis and constant evaluation and reassessment of your progression and deficiencies. Cookie cutter programs can only take you so far.

There are several other factors that require monitoring that set me apart from a generic trainer that I look forward to sharing with you should you decide to work together.

This is a partnership and, as such, please be sure that you have the necessary attitude for success going in. It is essential that strict adherence to programming be followed. I will be here for you, but I require you to commit to this process for your success to be assured.

Let’s rewrite the record books together!


Half hour telephone consult$40
Hour telephone consult$65
Personal Initial Analysis$100
Monthly Programming$125 (First month $225, as analysis must be done)
Monthly Nutritional plan$200
One on one personal training$80 per hour
Two or three on one PT$35 per person per hour
Online training$120 per month
Drop in for Weekly group bench$20


You can contact me through email at

Please, include relevant information such as your name, age, gender, physical condition, training experience, desired goal(s) and service(s) you're interested in.